PEER Advance


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    May 20, 2018 09:30 To 16:30

    +91 96203 87654
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    Barton Centre,MG Road, Bengaluru

PEER Advance

PEER – Advance is a program designed to use advanced laerdal link technology to assist in effective mastering of skills required. The program also incorporates AED Readiness. The Objective of this program is to build over PEER Basic by focusing on mastering the skills learnt through effective reportable scoring systems. High end technology such as Laerdal Link Technology will be used for assessments and reporting of CPR skills of the participants.

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I pledge to never walk away from a victim, be it a man or woman without providing First response. I will not allow gender prejudice to come in the way of saving lives. I support #SHEneedsCPR

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