Steering Committee

  • mr-srivathsan

    Mr. Srivathsan

    Srivathsan, the Treasurer of ALERT is an investment banker, in Chennai. During his college days at Sri Sathya Sai University, he was involved in...

  • mr-s-vasudevan

    Mr. S. Vasudevan

    Vasudevan has a combined professional experience of over 18 years in HR and management consulting. He is the founder of ‘Leverage\'- a leadership excellence...

  • ms-nalini-ravindran

    Ms. Nalini Ravindran

    Nalini Ravindran has over a decade of experience in conducting behavioral and attitudinal training workshops for various adult groups, ranging from management personnel, to...

  • mr-manick-rajendran

    Mr. Manick Rajendran

    With over 27 years of experience variously as entrepreneur and subject matter expert, Manick has worked in India and USA to bring a holistic...

  • mr-hubert-didymus

    Mr. Hubert Didymus

    Hubert, is an entrepreneur and a banking professional with over 2 decades of experience in Retail Liabilities ,Assets and NRI Banking. His specialization...

Team Alert

  • karthik


    Assistant Manager- ALERT Operations

I pledge to never walk away from a victim, be it a man or woman without providing First response. I will not allow gender prejudice to come in the way of saving lives. I support #SHEneedsCPR

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